About Empire Carpet

Today, Empire Carpet® is an iconic part of Chicago, as much a part of the Windy City culture as its beloved sports teams and cold winter weather. Learn about Empire Today’s Chicago history, the Empire Today Jingle that is etched into our memories, and the Empire Carpet Man, Lynn Hauldren. Explore fond memories that Chicagoans have of Empire Carpet and share yours with us! At Empire Today, we’re proud to call Chicago home.

Empire Today Past, Present & Future

Empire Carpet Bobblehead

From our beginning in 1959, Empire Today has created many wonderful memories in Chicago and we look forward to many more! Please explore our site to learn more about Empire’s past, present & future.

Fun Facts About Empire Carpet & Chicago

Empire Carpet Chicago Fun FactsIf you’re into nuggets of knowledge most people don’t know, read on. These fascinating facts and figures will surely enlighten anyone interested in trivia about Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring in the Midwest. Also check out the links to Chicago websites.

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