Empire Carpet: Born & Raised in Chicago

Empire Carpet Chicago LynnChicago is the birthplace of many of the nation’s great iconic brands, including Empire Today®, commonly known as Empire Carpet.  Today, Empire is one of the country’s leading providers of installed carpet, flooring, and window treatments. Interestingly enough, when the company was first founded in 1959, it did not carry any of these products. Back in those days Empire Today was called Empire Plastic Covers and specialized in making exactly that, Plastic Covers.

In 1959, Empire Today started as Empire Plastic Covers, a small, family-owned business selling plastic furniture covers from a little office in the suburbs of Chicago.  In 1965, due to growing customer request, the company expanded its product line to include carpet and changed its name to Empire Home Services. It is from Empire Home Services that the Empire Today as you know it now truly evolved.

Over the years, Empire continued to expand its service across the country and added flooring and window treatments to its product offerings. In 2002, the original owner of Empire sold the company and its name was changed to Empire Today. Since that time, Empire has continued to grow and now proudly serves over one million satisfied customers.

Empire Carpet Chicago Empire Man

Today, Empire Today still offers a variety of quality carpet, flooring and window treatment options. Further, Empire Today has kept up with trends and has also added in eco-friendly options to suit any style and budget while keeping the environment in mind. Throughout the progress Empire has made in the past 50 years, Empire has always happily remembered its origins. Born and raised in Chicago, Empire Today® is proud to call Chicago home and is dedicated to serving the nation.

How Empire Carpet Became a Household Name

Over the years, Empire Carpet has gone from being a regional favorite to a household standard for millions of Americans. Many people wonder how such growth could be possible, and the story is one that exemplifies the American dream. Through hard work, and a connection to their roots, Empire Today has become an American institution.

The Empire Carpet Man is the face of Empire Today. Few people can mention the brand without also referencing his famous face and voice. The man behind the character came from the same humble roots as the company, and as his fame grew, so did theirs. Both company and mascot symbolized unpretentious approaches to craftsmanship, quality, and approachability.

For more fun facts about the Empire Carpet Man visit: www.empirecarpetman.com