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The history of Empire Today and Chicago stretches back decades. Over the years, we have become a part of Chicago – and we have the stories to prove it. Check out the stories below for some funny stories about what Chicagoans remember about us!

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Check out some of the Empire memories shared by Empire customers and Chicago natives alike.

Empire Today Is The Greatest

I am from Chicago and moved to Dallas about 22 years ago. I remember the Jingle from way back in the day and one day about 15 years ago I heard the OLD jingle on my television and it made me feel like I was back at home. Empire Today Nationwide is a great thing to me, makes me feel like I am back home in Chicago.

Terry U.,
Dallas Texas

Before I Learned My Own Number I Knew Empire’s

One story is that my best friend remembers vividly that he remembered Empire’s # before he memorized his number at home when growing up.

Jon M.

A Chicago Number

I’m an Illinois native, and I was telling some college friends in Ohio about the affection us Chicagoans have toward the Empire Carpet jingle. I stated that anyone who has lived in the Chicagoland area knows the Empire Carpet jingle. If you walked into a bar and shouted “800-588-2300” everyone in the bar would shout back, “Empire!” My friends needed some convincing, however, so we made a bet. I yelled the phone number one night at a party in Ohio. All the people from Chicago shouted back. And just like that, I was $20 bucks richer and found more friends at the party.

Ben K.

Ingrained in our minds

If you walk up to anyone on the street in Chicago and ask them the number for Empire Carpet, they won’t just say it to you, they’ll sing it to you. It’s like reciting the ABCs, nobody just says the alphabet from A-Z, they sing it to the tune of the alphabet song and even add “and” between Y and Z. It’s ingrained in our minds!

Jessica M.
Chicago, IL

A crowd favorite

I went to a Pearl Jam concert at Chicago Stadium in 1994, the last public event before it was demolished. They were touring for their new album “Versus” and were basically the hottest band in the world (for high school kids at least). Eddie Vetter wanted to connect with the crowd and remind everyone he was from Chicago, so he led everyone in a sing-along to Empire’s jingle “588-2300….Empire”. The crowd loved it!

Howard D.
Chicago, IL

Makes me think of settling into Chicago

I’m originally from South Carolina and moved to Chicago after college. One of the first things I remember from the early days of living here is the Empire Carpet jingle. I heard the commercial on the radio, TV and other people singing it, and it quickly became familiar. To this day I can’t think of a jingle that reminds me of South Carolina, but just hearing the Empire song instantly makes me think of unpacking boxes and settling into Chicago!

Kim M.
Chicago, IL

A Family Favorite

On one occasion, after he sang the Empire Carpet jingle, “5-8-8-2-3-0-0…” about a hundred times, I punched him in the arm and ran. Of course he chased me and when I ducked out of the way he ran straight into our front storm door with both hands out. He broke the glass and sliced his hand so badly that he needed stitches. He ran through the house, dripping blood on the living room carpet, and we went to the hospital. To this day, my mom doesn’t know that it was the Empire Carpet jingle that caused us to get the new living room carpet in the first place!

Charles K.
Barrington, IL

True Chicago

“A Chicagoan does not put ketchup on her hot dog, does not leave a sporting event early, and knows whose phone number is 588-2300 [Empire Today].”

– Aimee Trottier, candidate on The Apprentice