Fun Facts About Empire Carpet & Chicago

Empire Carpet is very much ingrained into the history of Chicago, holding a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans. The Empire Carpet Man and Empire Today’s reputation for exceptional customer service and dedication to the people of Chicago.

If you’re into nuggets of knowledge most people don’t know, read on. These fascinating facts and figures will surely enlighten anyone interested in trivia about Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring in the Midwest. For more information on products, please visit Empire Flooring or Empire Carpet. Also check out the links to Chicago websites.

  • The Midwest region of the United States sells more solid Oak Flooring than any other region in the US. (Source: Shaw Industries, Inc.)
  • Empire’s Valencia is our #1 selling ceramic style in The Midwest.
  • Empire Today’s donation to the Cell Phones For Soldiers Program provided approximately 10,200 minutes of talk time for military personnel to connect with their families. (According to Cell Phones for Soldiers, the average phone donation provides roughly 60 minutes of talk time.
  • Lynn Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Man, has appeared in over 400 television commercials.
  • Like a true iconic figure, Lynn has had Empire Carpet Man plush dolls made in his likeness, which became a popular promotional item. These series of dolls were then followed by the release of a series of Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead dolls.
  • Lynn played his role as Empire Carpet Man so well that many fans still believe he owned the company.
  • Lynn participated in Empire’s advertising until his passing on April 26, 2011.

More for our Chicagoans:

You know you’re from Chicago when/if….

  • You know why they call it “The Windy City”
  • You refer to Lake Michigan as “The Lake”
  • You know what goes on a Chicago style hot dog
  • The letter “L” is more than just a letter to you
  • You’ve had to switch between Heating & AC in the same week
  • You are a die hard Cubs or Sox fan, but not both
  • You say you’re from Chicago, even if you live in the suburbs
  • You have to eat your pizza with a fork and knife
  • You know the Empire Today jingle by heart
  • You know people aren’t referring to food when they talk about “The Bean”

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